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Identifying a new path forward

Identifying a new path forward

For some business owners this moment represents time for a new season that comes from the sale of the business. Those leaders are taking time to ask themselves if the time is right to sell their business.

That’s a question that’s profoundly personal but one that should start with a confidential consultation with professional business intermediaries.

At CBI we talk about beginning with the end in mind and often guide our clients in vision casting to identify important goals, wishes & dreams. Imagine your future. Where do you see yourself? Are you still actively running the company you built? Have you expanded? Bought a new company? Or, are you retired and pursuing other interests? Spending more time with family? Traveling?

Once you’ve pinpointed with CBI’s help your future wishes & dreams, the next step is to take action. We can help – whether it’s a path to grow your business or prepare it for sale. And, if the time is right for you, we’re ready to help and have buyers & private equity investors eager to know about you & your business. Despite Covid-19, the CBI team is routinely receiving inquiries about investment opportunities.

“Smart investors are actively looking for strong companies with solid results,” explained CBI Founder Carl Grimes. “And while our primary focus is on selling healthy, profitable, cash-flowing businesses, in these times we have the tools & resources to help every owner in every phase of their journey which includes providing options for selling distressed businesses and business assets through CBI’s LAP and Lifeline Article 9 programs.”

If this is your season to step away, let CBI serve as your guide so you can exit your company on your own terms and earn the most cash at closing. Ready for your next season? Let’s talk.