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We offer several programs to help you Sell, Buy or Grow your business.

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Loans4Biz is designed to make the lending process quicker and more efficient. This program helps buyers obtain third party lending and also keeps buyers from hearing anything but “yes” from lenders who want to do their lending.

CBI provides advisory services for sellers. As a Certified Value Builder System™ Advisor, CBI offers leading edge valuation tools to value and evaluate your business and deliver a path forward. Not only will we help you create a company that will survive beyond it's sale, we'll help protect your equity and and find ways to help you earn more money when it’s time to exit.

The Target Acquisition Program is the best way for you to buy the perfect business. TAP is an industry-leading service based on the CBI’s 20+ years of experience that helps individuals secure their dream of business ownership.

The Confidential Auction Program (CAP) by CBI+ is an industry-leading approach to assist business owners with the sale of their businesses in the shortest amount of time possible for the highest price by soliciting buyers from a pre-screened local, national and international network of interested and motivated prospects.

Often, when you're ready to sell the business or trying to get financing from a bank or an outside investor, an independent business valuation may be required. Or, if the business is distressed, pursing bankruptcy or probate proceedings, those businesses, too, will also require business valuations. CBI's team of experts and in-network providers can provide clients with certified business valuation and will share what the report means to you and your business.

The CBI has formed a strategic alliance with a company that has developed a way to legally move money locked in 401(k) or other IRA accounts directly into a new or established businesses. The money may be used for business acquisitions, franchises, property, equipment or working capital.

The CBI will help you buy, sell, lease or manage your commercial real estate property. Building, Land, Warehouse any property you have. This process is handled with the same level of confidentiality as our other programs.

An auction environment is the only place to sell something for more than you might have asked for it. And, in business, there are times when the value of the parts exceeds the value of the whole. CBI provides expert support and end-to-end management to help sellers and lenders dispose of assets and earn maximum value.

CBI has been the trusted partner to Main Street and Lower Middle Market Business Owners since 1994. With nearly 800 successful, confidential, business sales, CBI has a proven process that delivers for its sellers and its business intermediaries. Ready for a career move? Contact CBI today to learn more.

CBI is the trusted partner to Main Street and Lower Middle Market Business Owners since 1994. With nearly 800 successful, confidential, business sales, CBI is the broker you can trust to earn more cash at closing.

Just as your patients turn to you for trusted expertise and guidance, so should you. When it's time to sell your professional practice, whether dental, CPA, legal, medical, chiropractic, CBI's Practice Sales team understands your practice, its performance, and how to best take it to market and bring you the most value upon its sale. CBI is a trusted partner to professional practice owners and dentists, just like you. Since our company began, CBI has sold about 800 businesses - including more than two dozen dental practices sold in the last several years.

Enroll in CBI's Preferred Buyer Program to unlock VIP benefits, buyer resources, exclusive access to new listings and member support to ensure you're able to quickly see and act on new-to-market opportunities. With our preferred buyer program, smart investors receive a variety of exclusive benefits to quickly identify business opportunities that match interests, skills, geographic footprint and budget. Together, we'll help you acquire and grow your new investment.

CBI Franchise consultants, If you have yet to find a fit with an existing operational business for sale, franchising could be for you. Put the CBI Franchise Consultants team to work to help you find the best opportunity for you and your budget.

CBI offers its "Lifeline" program to operationally sound businesses overwhelmed by debt payments and struggling to keep their business alive as a result of the current Pandemic. CBI's program provides a path to help employers stay afloat, keep jobs in the community and ultimately create a chance to keep the company. CBI's Lifeline provides expert planning, smart protections and a path for growth to restore the business and survive beyond the current crisis.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or liquidating assets, CBI can deliver certified machinery & equipment appraisals. It’s too risky to rely on a single measure of an equipment’s worth; there’s too much at stake. Estimating the value of your machinery and equipment requires specialized skills from professionals with trusted expertise and certification. Our licensed appraisers will uncover fair market, liquidation, salvage value or replacement costs.

Supercharge your negotiations by turning to CBI and its legal partners for trusted approaches to mediating conflict, resolving disputes, negotiating contracts, dismantling existing agreements and save money by avoiding unnecessary court costs. Mediations solve for win, win, win by approaching conflict in ways that allow each party to benefit from mutually satisfactory settlements.

In today's world it is important to have a website that people can visit to learn more about your company or offerings. EVERYONE goes to the web and social media to find what they are looking for, if you are not there with a good presence you do not exist.

Know a business owner ready to sell? Your referral could earn cash at closing. Contact your local CBI team today to learn more. Referral fee is TEN (10) percent of the Seller side (50%) of the net Success Fee (commission) up to $5,000 maximum referral fee. Referring Party can be paid on real estate only if Referring Party holds a valid real estate license for the state in which the real estate is situated.

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