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Sold! Jeff Self Pools & Spas

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Jeff Self Pools & Spas, a Bryant, Arkansas family-owned business recently sold, but it’s still a family business thanks to CBI Central Arkansas Executive Business Broker, Shep Campbell . This business sold to the son of Jeff Self who wants to keep this family business alive and well.

Jeff Self Pools & Spas has over 20 years of experience in designing, installing and repairing pools and spas. This business creates personalized service and sales to help you turn your backyard into a retreat. From standard pools to custom designs, Jeff Self Pools & Spas has a great reputation and established goodwill across their region. CBI Sells family businesses and can help sell yours!

There were many high emotions in this deal that at times threatened the closing of the business. The deal was funded almost completely with SBA 7A lending provided by Simmons bank. CBI leveraged the goodwill that was created between parties to get the best price for the seller and to keep the buyer engaged throughout the process. The result was a closing that was truly a celebration, with both a satisfied buyer who can now grow and expand the family business.

CBI served as advisor to Jeff Self Pools & Spas in this transaction. During the process, CBI identified many other prospective buyers. If you have been thinking about selling your business of any kind, CBI has a buyer database with thousands of prospects. Contact CBI today at or call 877-582-5200 to learn more.