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Sold! Red Barn Donuts

Pictured left to right: TR and Suzy Laughlin (sellers), Dave Godwin (CBI senior intermediary), Alicia and Jeremey Wiginton (buyers)

CBI Senior Intermediary Dave Godwin facilitated the sale of the award-winning Red Barn Donuts in Rogers, Arkansas owned by TR and Suzy Laughlin. TR Laughlin, Red Barn Donuts, seller said, “Dave Godwin and the CBI team did a great job making sure that our deal was a win-win for both us and the buyers. We had an offer and acceptance within a very short period of time after listing. The process was very hands off for the details while still keeping us involved into the buyer selection. Which is exactly what we wanted.”

For the past 15 years T and Suzy poured their lives into Red Barn making it one of the most recognized donut shops in Benton County. The location of Red Barn will stay right where it’s at to serve Benton residents that have come to love their quality donuts. Jeremy and Alicia Wigginton were the buyers and will continue offering the same great service and most recognized donuts in Northwest Arkansas for years to come.

Click for more information about Red Barn Donuts, or call 479-621-6233.

Red Barn Donuts