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Sold! Boar’s Nest BBQ

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Boar’s Nest, BBQ located in Rogers, Arkansas has been acquired by Paul and Lisa Heilman. Under the ownership of John & Heather Hudec since 2017, this restaurant and bar has seen tremendous growth. When purchased, the business was under performing and the Hudecs knew they could turn it around. Over the last 5 years the Hudecs grew the restaurant and bar into the successful business it is today. Boar’s Nest has won multiple awards for the amazing food and atmosphere they have created. When the Hudecs decided it was time to sell they knew just who to call, CBI Team of Northwest Arkansas Managing Partner, Jon Holbert.

The Buyer on this business comes from a background at Walmart Corporate in Bentonville. The dream of being small business owners was prevalent and with the purchase of Boar’s Nest they can officially call themselves just that!

The CBI Team has identified many other prospective restaurant buyers, as well as buyers for just about any kind of business. If you are considering selling your business anytime in the next few years, contact CBI today for a free, confidential business consultation or call 877-582-5200.