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AW Specialties Sold  

Peter Allen acquired AW Specialties of Tulsa, Oklahoma. CBI Tulsa President Dr. John Sherrill managed the transaction for the Seller, CBI Northwest Arkansas Executive Business Broker Dave Godwin represented the Buyer.   

Finding the Buyer, Peter Allen, took about a year. Peter was originally interested in one of Dave Godwin’s previous listings but later found a fit in AW Specialties. Dr. John Sherrill said, “AW Specialties was a challenging listing because it was growing so rapidly. Many buyers passed on it because they thought it was too good to be true!” Peter saw the value and stayed engaged throughout the process, which was a long one. There were delays, extra requirements added by the bank, and bumps in the road, but the Seller really liked the Buyer, and it was awesome to see them work together with us to get the deal done.  

The Seller of AW Specialties, John Wagoner, was kind enough to share his thoughts with CBI Team, “John and the entire CBI team were awesome to work with. Made the process simple and straightforward. I would definitely recommend using CBI.”  

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