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A Behind The Scenes Look at A Mini-Rollup

By: Nancee Robertson – Value Builder Consultant

In 2020, veterinarian Dr. Joseph Marchell started Old Brown Dog Veterinary Partners (OBDVP) after identifying a unique opportunity to do a rollup of family-owned animal hospitals.   

Marchell acquired three practices for around ten times EBITDA. He then implemented a streamlined operational strategy that resulted in the sale of OBDVP less than two years later for almost three times the purchase price. In this episode, you’ll learn how to:  

Identify a rollup opportunity in your industry, De-risk your business for an acquirer, Implement a professional management team without undermining the old guard, Create competitive tension for your company among acquirers, Utilize an audacious negotiation tactic to increase your offer, and avoid a slimy trick used by some acquirers to get your business for a discount.   

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