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Shhhh!! Sold, but It’s a Secret

Confidentiality is one of the key factors of successfully marketing a business and finding the right buyer. Savvy sellers don’t want their employees, customers, and vendors to know the business is for sale until after the deal is completed. The CBI Team process can masterfully market a business without anyone finding out except pre-screened, serious buyers.

But what about after the sale?

Those of you who watch our website, newsletter and social media know that we often announce the sale of local businesses, usually including pictures of happy sellers and buyers.

But sometimes that is not the case, not that they’re not happy, but in some instances, either the buyer, seller or both wish to keep the transaction a secret for a period of time. It might be a day or two while payroll and other important transition items are handled. Other times it can be substantially longer.

That’s the case for a business we sold recently and one case that comes to mind is the sale of a local magazine where the seller was going to continue to run the business and, for all anyone could tell, the seller was still the owner. It remained that way for more than year as the seller transitioned out and the buyer assumed control. CBI Team diligently maintained the buyer and seller’s wishes for confidentiality for over a year and only released the information after they had made it public information themselves.

When the time comes for you to sell or buy a business choose The CBI Team. You will be impressed with professionalism and expertise at your service, and we know how to keep a secret!