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SOLD! Amerispec

(From Left to Right: Walt and Becky Chambers, Sellers. Carol Gresham, Business Intermediary. Mariana and Roy Goodwin Jr., Buyers)

Walt and Becky Chambers had a good experience 14 years ago with the CBI TEAM when he bought Amerispec. So, when he decided it was time to sell and retire, he came back to CBI and CBI delivered again with the sale of Amerispec to Roy and Mariana Goodwin Jr.

Carol Gresham of the CBI TEAM Northwest Arkansas was the Listing and Selling Professional for the transaction according to Managing Partner Jon Holbert.

Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin accessed their 401K to make the acquisition by using the BORSA plan. That plan allows a buyer to utilize some or all of their own retirement funds to buy a business but not pay any taxes or early withdrawal fees.