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Are You Frightened?

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One of the greatest causes for failure of new CBI Business Brokers is, as my wife Kathy puts it, “Getting ready to get ready.”

In other words, talking about and doing little things to get ready for the task of doing that which is most important, having conversations with business owners about them and their businesses.

It’s a version of procrastination. One of my favorite descriptions of procrastination is, “I’m going to do such-and-such tomorrow, if I can get around to it.”

How about you?

Are you a procrastinator, doing many other easier things to block having to think about the most important things?

If that fits you, do as I do. Each day make a To-Do list and put the three most important things on your list that fit the description of “Urgent & Important.” Then do them one by one until they’re done.

That rhymes, doesn’t it?

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