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Peckin’ Away

I’ve been around for a long time, 74 years to be exact, and about 40 of them have been spent helping people sell and buy businesses.

A whole lot has changed since then.

The process for helping a seller

The way we screen and coach buyers

Financing for business sales

The closing process itself with remote and e-signatures

One thing that hasn’t changed is that selling and buying a business is a very personal, high stress transaction, with the seller and buyer both dealing with life changing circumstances.

That’s why it’s important that both seller and buyer get to know and follow the direction of their trained CBI broker. Most sellers have never sold a business before and almost all Main Street buyers are first-time buyers who have no idea what to do to start and  complete a transaction.

The CBI Team has processes that each CBI Broker is trained to follow to enable the seller and buyer to know how to get a deal done for the benefit of the seller and buyer.

So, when your broker says this comes next, unless you have successfully done it before, follow your broker’s guidance and direction.

That’s one thing that hasn’t changed!

Keep peckin’ away!