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SOLD! TAP Introduces Bold To Dr. McQueen

Dr. Michael McQueen contacted the CBI TEAM about buying a dental practice and is now the owner and practitioner at the former Bold Dental Clinic on the campus of the University of Arkansas Fayetteville according to Jon Holbert, Managing Partner of the CBI TEAM Northwest Arkansas Office.

Holbert said that Casey Grimes and John Green worked with Dr. McQueen and Carl Grimes worked with the Seller, Dr. Scott Bolding to accomplish the sale. Unlike most CBI TEAM transactions, Dr. McQueen, the buyer, was the client for CBI. Dr. McQueen accessed the proprietary Target Acquisition Program ( offered by CBI and quickly had several practices to review before settling on Dr. Bolding’s flagship practice.

CBI TEAM is the Arkansas leader in sales of dental and orthodontic practices.