Celebrating The Sweet Taste of Success

After creating and operating River City Bistro for nearly a decade, owners Susan Tucker and her son Jason Haid decided it was time to hand off the restaurant they had nurtured from its birth. But not just any new owner could care for and maintain this New York-style restaurant that had won multiple “Best of the Best” awards year after year, much in part due to the menu created and executed by head chef, Jason Haid. After exploring their options, they chose CBI Team Fort Smith-River Valley to mediate the sale.

Enter Bruce and Michelle Spinas, local restaurant owners with a combined forty years of experience, and frequent patrons of River City Bistro. Between their proven restaurant success and their love for the deli-style food at River City Bistro, the decision to make an offer was a no-brainer.

Susan and Jason were delighted that Bruce and Michelle were interested in buying the business they had worked so hard to build over the years, and they trusted CBI Team Fort Smith-River Valley business intermediary Isaac Davis to help with the difficult process of transitioning. While they were delighted that someone wanted their business the idea of letting it go was extremely difficult. Ultimately they decided this was an opportunity they couldn’t afford to pass up.

Davis walked through the emotional selling process with the Tuckers from their first meeting to the last signature at closing and helped both the sellers and buyers navigate the intricate details of a business transition.