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New CBI Advisors

Carl Grimes, Chairman of CBI has announced the addition of two niche business advisors to the CBI Team, providing additional expertise in the dental and manufacturing spaces. CBI specialty business advisors are equipped as specialists in niche markets such as dental and manufacturing because of their professional background working in their specialty industry and their proven ability to understand the opportunities and challenges that business and practice owners face within the niche. CBI knows the importance of experts who are able to consult and lead business owners through the processes of selling, buying, and growing their businesses.

Donna Serio is the CBI Dental Practice Sales Advisor, she has 17 years of experience as a registered dental assistant and has enjoyed a diverse career in the dental field. Donna will be our Dental Practice Sales Advisor and representative throughout Arkansas and neighboring states.

Mike Forrest is the CBI Manufacturing Sales Advisor, Mike has served as a professional manufacturing consultant in niches such as metal fabrication, automotive, aerospace, and commercial construction. As a certified business coach, he has advised clients on direct sales, information technology, marketing, local and national retail. Mike will represent CBI as the Manufacturing Sales Advisor throughout Arkansas and neighboring states.

To learn more about these advisors and the advisor position, contact CBI with any questions or interests. CBI is still searching for additional specialty business advisors with experience in their fields. Contact or find information at