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L to R-Nancee Roberson, John Green, Dr. Stacy Swilling, Donna Serio at the Arkansas State Dental Association Annual Meeting


Dr. Stacy Swilling now lives in Utah but attended the Arkansas State Dental Association meeting held Friday and Saturday at the Little Rock Convention Center.

Dr. Swilling stopped by the CBI Confidential Business Brokers booth to say “thanks” because CBI Practice Sales sold her Sheridan, Arkansas dental practice a few years ago, allowing her to fulfill a lifetime dream of living in Utah.

“I’m thankful to CBI and Casey Grimes for helping me sell my practice,” said Dr. Swilling.

CBI Dental Practice Sales was well represented at the annual convention with Carl Grimes (Chairman and Founder of CBI), Nancee Roberson (Consultant to the CBI Chairman), CBI Northwest Arkansas Executive Business Broker John Green and Mrs. Donna Serio in attendance, visiting with the attendees.

CBI has sold more Arkansas dental practices in the last six years than other business brokerage by utilizing the unique CBI Confidential Business Brokerage process and proprietary lending Loans4Business lending program (

CBI has a large database of dental practice buyers and offers a free, no-obligation consultation to dental practice owners who are considering the sale of their practice.

Grimes said, “If you’re considering selling your practice in the next couple of years, it’s imperative that you start the process now to prepare for the sale.”

Grimes also reminded all practitioners that even if they are approached by a buyer, it’s important for the practice owner to retain professional representation to make sure they are getting the best value for the practice.

“If a buyer approaches you and makes you an offer, you can be assured they are doing their best to buy your practice on price and terms most suitable for them and not you and your family,” Grimes added.

He concluded by saying that CBI Confidential Business Brokers work to get their clients the most money on the best terms possible by obtaining multiple offers and having access to the best practice financing tools available for the buyers.

For more information, email or call 877-582-5200.