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When The Value Of The Parts Exceed The Value of The Whole Turn To CBI’s Live Auction Program

At CBI we know the business landscape amid the Coronavirus is putting tremendous pressure on business owners.

No one wants to see a business fail. However, during these unprecedented times, it’s important for struggling business owners to consider all their options.

That’s why CBI offers a suite of services to assist as you seek to prevent businesses from foreclosure and, when that fails, to dispose of those assets in the quickest and most profitable way.

One such service is CBI’s Live Auction Program. An auction environment is the only place to sell something for more than you might have asked for it.  And, in business, there are times when the value of the parts exceeds the value of the whole. CBI Team provides expert support and end-to-end management to help sellers and lenders dispose of assets and earn maximum value.  Candidates for CBI Team’s LAP program encompass several business scenarios including:

Inventory Value Exceeds Income Produced

Businesses with high value assets that exceed income produced or fair ROI such as company’s with real property equipment and inventory worth $1 million but earns $60k annually.

Closed Businesses

Closed businesses that have valuable assets.

Seized Businesses

Profitable businesses requiring quick liquidation; forfeited or lender seized businesses.

LAP is an industry-leading service based on the CBI Team’s 20+ years of experience selling businesses and divesting assets. With our in-house business valuation, sales and licensed auctioneers, we can deliver more value in compressed timelines.  CBI is a full-service vendor. Once you select CBI, the only thing left for you to do is collect a check.

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