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Sold! Bentonville Speede Lube

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Bentonville Speede Lube located on Walton Blvd in Bentonville, Arkansas has been acquired by an oil and lubricant industry buyer. This buyer has now worked with CBI Team to purchase two separate car service businesses and is looking to purchase more. Mike Seals brought this big buyer to CBI and has established a growing relationship with them. Bentonville Speede Lube was listed by, Carol Gresham and within 4 months this business was sold!

The industry buyer has experience in purchasing oil change businesses and that showed with the execution of the closing. In this deal there were two separate transactions one for the real estate purchase and the other being the purchase of Bentonville Speede Lube assets. The seller is now focusing on other business ventures and the industry buyer has a new location in Northwest Arkansas.

If you are interested in selling your vehicle service business this buyer is looking to purchase more locations, contact Mike Seals for more information. If you are considering selling your business anytime in the next few years, contact CBI today for a free, confidential business review or call 877-582-5200. To grow your business, consider CBI’s Certified Value Builder program!