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Benton County Tire & Wheel

Dean Hudgeons and Glenn Krispense acquired Benton County Tire & Wheel on 8/15/2022. CBI Northwest Arkansas Business Brokers Carol Gresham and Charles Rateliff managed the transaction for the Seller and Buyer of this well-known and popular tire and wheel business.  

Roger Robins and his family have been running the business for many years. Roger and his wife Linda made the decision several months ago that it was time to retire. Their son also worked in the business but had recently decided that he needed to focus full time on his cattle business. Through the marketing efforts of the CBI Team, there was an overwhelming response and interest in this listing.  

Dean and Glenn, the new owners, collaborated closely with the Seller throughout the

Due Diligence process. The goodwill on behalf of each party is what Carol Gresham of CBI said made it go so smoothly: “It was a pleasure working with the Buyers and Sellers on this deal. Both parties and their family members involved in the sale and acquisition walked away satisfied”.  

The CBI Team has now identified many other prospective automotive service business buyers. If you are considering selling your business anytime in the next year, contact CBI today for a free, confidential business review at or call 877-582-5200.