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Where Did the People Go?

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By: Jon Holbert – CBI Northwest Arkansas Managing Partner

We’ve been hearing about huge numbers of people leaving their jobs lately. Many of them, from corporate America, are leaving to avoid the vaccine mandates imposed by the government and enforced by large employers not wishing to lose government money. Many of these people believe the vaccines are OK but mandates are not and stand on principle. Others believe the vaccine is not yet perfected or properly tested. In either case, these talented, trained, and experienced people are leaving their jobs.

So, where are they going?

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of people that falls into this category. Their training and backgrounds are formed by Fortune 1000 companies, first class educations and many years of hands-on experience in these larger companies. Most of the companies they would go to have the same mandate that forced them to leave their previous situation. So, they all have the same question. What now?

My presentation for them was focused on what it takes to be an entrepreneur and “do their own thing”. I was overwhelmed by the response I received, and the interest shown in business ownership. Many of them had never worked in a small business and were concerned about what it took to be the Boss.

Others were more interested in the process of how to find and buy a business that suited them. I am currently working with several of the attendees of that meeting, and I am excited to help them find their next path to success. If you would like to learn more about buying a business of your own or if you are involved with a group of people that would benefit from a presentation about business ownership, give us a call at 877-582-5200 or email CBI will be happy to work with you individually or provide a program for your next meeting.