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Balancing Creativity in a Data-Driven Market 

Bottom line or ‘start with why’?  

Ultimately, business decisions are made to increase the bottom line. Workers are technicians plugging in a combination, choosing the right actions to gain positive results in the form of more money. And algorithms eliminate human error which provides us with greater efficiency. At the same time businesses that have a clear, convincing message or ‘why’ (This phrase was made popular by Simon Sinek’s bestselling book Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action) regularly surpass their competitors. They attract customers and clients with a movement that has a true purpose. So, both can’t be true right?

Technicians or Artists?  

The job of operating a business is largely a technical affair, reacting to problems and providing solutions to make more money. Although I have just painted a bleak picture, this obviously isn’t the world we live in. Creative design, messaging, and proactivity are necessary for the success of any business in the long term. People generally scoff at a coercive scam that simply tries to get their money and the same is true if you put a product or service in front of that scam. So, displaying the story of why your business does what it does in a creative fashion is vital. This is true but Byron et al.’s (2010) meta-analysis of 76 experimental studies, illustrates how stress consistently hinders the human brain’s ability to perform creatively. Although that is true, this decrease in creative function largely depends on one’s perception of stress.  

Eliminating stress and facilitating creativity  

One concept along with others by this author can help you squash your to-do list and free up essential space in your brain for creative function… 

Prioritize and Execute  

Popularized by Navy Seal and owner of multiple successful businesses, Jocko Willink, in his bestselling book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, this concept sets guiding principles that when followed can grant you the time necessary to lead a successful business. Completing the most important tasks first and swiftly moving down your list of things to do frees your schedule for proactive problem-solving and time to craft the creative message of your business. Always re-evaluating them for changing priority and focusing on one task at a time reduces stress and gives clarity to your goals. CBI Team began when our founder, Carl Grimes, saw a lack of ethics and company support in the business brokerage landscape and sought to change that by founding CBI Team. CBI Team embraces these concepts and our motive for doing business which is helping business owners like you sell your business the right way.  

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