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SBA No Longer Requiring 100% Change of Ownership on SBA-Guaranteed Loans

Effective last month, the SBA amended restrictions on borrowers using 7(a) loan proceeds to effect partial changes of ownership to assist small businesses and to expand pathways to ownership. This means that SBA will no longer require a 100% change of ownership when a borrower is obtaining financing with an SBA-guaranteed loan.

This amendment to the SBA Loan program will permit borrowers to use SBA Loan proceeds to purchase a portion of a business or a portion of another owner’s interest in a business or interests of multiple business owners.

This change will result in more flexible succession planning options for current business owners.

Also, for partial changes of ownership, the SBA will allow the selling owner to remain as an owner and involved in the day-to-day business, including as an officer, director, “Key Employee,” or employee.

We will be learning more about these changes and all the different ways they can be applied in the coming months. If you want more information about how these rule changes may affect you in your particular situation, please feel free to reach out to me.

There are other changes being made to SBA lending rules this summer….some of which are still under consideration while lenders are allowed to review and comment on them before final revisions are determined. Additional information will be provided in future articles…so stay tuned.

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