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Peckin’ Away!

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The “experts” (a misused term, if there ever was one) are saying that 2023 is going to be a tough year for businesses as we drop into a recession. Understand this as looking like 2008-2012 and 2019-2021. Those weren’t the best years for most businesses, were they? 

And yet, people needed to sell businesses and did so during those difficult times. CBI helped many businesses accomplish that in spite of the difficulties, most unrelated to the direct actions of the business owners. Most problems could be laid at the door of politicians on the national level who are clueless when it comes to the small business community and yet have the power (along with unelected bureaucrats) to make our lives very stressful. 

If you are one of those who needs to sell in 2023, the clock is ticking and you’d better start getting ready now by taking the free, no-obligation Value Builder Assessment CLICK HERE to take our FREE 13-minute assessment. 

And be prepared for your best buyer to be your direct competitors. 

While some are thinking about exiting their businesses, some are looking at a recession as a time to grow and the BEST way to grow is to buy another company, maybe yours. 

You’re probably quaking a bit now because you may hate your competitors because of their bad business practices and un-ethical tactics and you’re thinking, “I don’t want that snake to see my customer list and financials.” 

CBI has handled many semi-hostile sales for business owners to competitors so we know how to navigate that treacherous transaction. 

There are ways to get more money from a competitor, even one you hate, than anyone else. 

Give us a call today and let’s talk about it. 

No obligation, but time is not your friend. 

2023 is here and the recession may be coming down on us. 

Carl Grimes is the founder of CBI Team and has helped business owners sell over 800 businesses since 1994.