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Growth plan

Construct a durable platform for growth.

Innovative Ideas

We help you in business by delivering good ideas, identify ways to create recurring revenue and add value across a variety of areas.

Growth Strategy

Our team of professional people help you manage your business to unlock value and be ready to sell.

CBI provides advisory services for sellers. As a Certified Value Builder System™ Advisor, CBI offers leading edge valuation tools to value and evaluate your business and deliver a path forward. Not only will we help you create a company that will survive beyond it's sale, we'll help protect your equity and and find ways to help you earn more money when it’s time to exit. Whether you want to sell your business for a premium now, or know the steps to earn more when you choose to sell, Value Builder is the smart choice for you and your business.

Increase The Value Of Your Business Today!

With analysis and participation by thousands of businesses, ompanies that earn a score of 80+ have earned more than 71 percent more at the time of their sale.