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Who is CBI Advisory Partners?

CBI Advisory Partners is boutique investment banking firm serving the lower middle market Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) niche. The lower mid-market M&A is composed of privately held businesses with annual revenues ranging from $5 million up to $50 million and enterprise values in excess of $3 million across a broad spectrum of types of businesses. 

Most are still being operated by a founder or second generation family owner. 

CBI Advisory Partners roots are firmly established in understanding the motivation and psychology of this group of extraordinary entrepreneurs. 

CBI Advisory Partners offers unique programs such as CAP, TAP, Value Builder and Loans4Business to assist lower mid-market M&A owners  who wish to sell, buy or grow their businesses. 

The Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) Market

Call CBI Advisory Partners at 877.582.5200 or email  or contact your local CBI Team office to schedule a confidential, no obligation meeting.  Our highly trained and experienced Business Intermediaries will be pleased to provide you with professional advice regarding the market and companies that are seeking growth opportunities through acquisitions.  Visit our locations page to find the office nearest you.

Schedule a no obligation consultation to discuss your goals and purpose behind them to see if we can get your business sold or purchased. 

The first step will be to encourage our client to critically evaluate their business operations, identify opportunities for short and long-term improvements, and identify competitive advantages that will be of interest to well qualified buyers.  

We strongly recommend that our clients obtain a third party, independent valuation of the business being offered for sale.  We will recommend at least one, if not more, qualified valuation firms for your consideration.   

CBI Advisory Partners gets to work to help you accomplish your goals.  

We will assist you and your management team with the preparation of an effective Offering Memorandum.  Although the company is responsible for the preparation and presentation of all of the information included in the Memorandum, we can provide you with a recommended format and suggestions on content.  

While the Offering Memorandum is being drafted, we will work with you and your management team to formulate a marketing plan that will leverage your company’s strategic and competitive advantages.  

Generally, the pool of buyers would include private equity groups, in-market investors, and competitors.  We will develop a confidential profile based on the Offering Memorandum that will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to receiving any Offering Memoranda.  

A limited number of prospective buyers will be allowed to visit your facilities and conduct on-site due diligence meetings to facilitate their completion.

Prior to proceeding with negotiations with each prospective buyer, we suggest involving your attorneys and CPAs as their structural issues are addressed.  

The attorneys for the seller and buyer are responsible for the drafting and the negotiation of the sales agreement and related documents.  We will assist them with the review and document compilation process.  

We work with management, attorneys and CPAs for seller and buyer to help resolve any open issues in a timely manner.  

Our service agreement documents the terms or our arrangement, including service delivery approach, fee structure, exclusive representation for a period time, confidentiality and other relevant issues.

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