Loans 4 Biz

Loans 4 Businesses is a unique service offered to buyers that’s modeled after Lending Tree- “When Banks Compete, You Win”.  Below are some of the advantages for sellers and buyers when using the Loans For Business program.


  • You Have The Support Of CBI+Team In Preparing Your Loan Application.
  • You Will Receive Multiple Offers From Which To Choose.
  • You, With The Assistance Of CBI+Team, Can Evaluate Multiple Offers For The Best Interest Rates And Terms.



  • You Will Receive More Cash Upfront.
  • Reduces The Underwriting Review And Approval Process By Weeks.
  • Timely Elimination Of Contingencies For Deal Funding.
  • All Financial Information And Disclosures Are Centralized In An Online, Confidential Deal Room.



Client Testimonials:


“Using the Loans4Biz program was easy, quick and professional. I had over 18 banks respond with competitive loan proposals, both national and local banks. I was provided with contact information and set up meetings with several bank officers. The banks were timely with their responses, professional and provided me with written competitive proposals. I was able to negotiate financing to meet my business needs and established professional business relationships with several banks. I recommend the Loans4Biz program for current and future business owners.” –Ron Tacker


“I wanted to give a huge thanks to the Loans4Biz program! I am very pleased with the program and the folks on the CBI+Team. I am a current business owner and was looking to expand with a new business venture but was struggling to obtain financing. I had met with several banks and had what I thought was well enough equity to get my new venture started. I was starting to get discouraged after meeting with around 10 lenders and I still couldn’t get financed. I was running out of options when I came across the CBI+Team and spoke with Kelly Tivis. He explained the program and I was hesitant as there was an upfront cost with no guarantees of being funded. However, I made the leap and it was a great one. Kelly helped me with my business plan and put together a great packet to send out to many different lenders. I was still hesitant as I wondered how he would have more success than I had when I presented my deal in person. Needless to say within a few days we had 6-7 proposals back. I am now in the process of a build-out for our new ‘Good Feet Store’ in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

This is a great program. I really encourage anyone struggling with financing to give them a shot!” –Ryan Gray