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Welcome to The CBI+Team

To prepare your business for sale:

  1. Have an initial, free, no-obligation meeting with a CBI+Team intermediary/broker to review the sales process.
  2. Assemble financial information necessary. At a minimum this will be:
    • 3 years of tax returns for the business
    • 3 years of Profit and Loss (P&Ls) statements for the business
    • A current balance sheet
    • A year to date profit and loss statement with results for the same period of the previous year. The comparison helps understand business trends in gross sales and profitability.
    • A list of all Equipment used in the business with approximate Fair Market Value estimate for each piece
    • Copies of any certified business appraisals and/or real estate appraisals
    • Copies of any real estate or equipment leases
    • A list of key employees with information about each

When you have this information gathered, your CBI+Team Advisor will set a time to meet and interview you about the business. Once the interview is complete, the CBI Advisor will help you make the best decision about your business. This initial review of your business is a free service provided by the CBI+Team.

Good planning for the sale of your business can maximize the sales price but, even more importantly, can you help you keep more of the money from the sale.

Carl Grimes interviews Kenny Wilson (Seller), Mark Porter and Vicki Wood (Buyers) about the sale of Wilson Industrial Tires.

Contact The CBI+Team today to begin the process at 877-582-5200 or e-mail

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