Most businesses seem to have a language of their own. As business intermediaries we tend to learn some of the language used by different industries, but it must seem like “broken English” to those on the inside.

In the business intermediary profession, we too have a proprietary language that is spoken as part of our daily business. I am also struck by the number of acronyms we use. For example:

CBR: Confidential Business Review
LOI: Letter of Intent
TAP: Targeted Acquisition Program
DIP: Deal In Progress
SDE: Seller’s Discretionary Earnings

And many, many more…

When you travel to a place where you don’t speak the language or understand the customs, it is often helpful, and sometimes imperative to enlist the services of a guide and translator.

Selling your business is almost certainly an area where most business owners have limited knowledge of the language and customs. By using the CBI TEAM as your guide and translator we can make your trip through the process a simple, effective and pleasant experience.

So when someone asks you about your EBITDA, don’t be offended, just call us to translate and let us guide you through the process with ease.