Very Unique Home Based Business Sold!

SOLD: NWA Attention to Detail

From left to right: Ray and Donna Feyen (buyers) and Trish Dossett (seller)

NWA Attention To Detail, a one of a kind opportunity, was sold yesterday thru The CBI+Team and one of its intermediaries Jon Holbert. Unique, profitable businesses don’t take long to sell and in this case the company was prepared, listed and sold within a month.

Owner Trish Dossett built an amazing business she operated part-time from home that’s making over $100,000 annually, but has created another start-up that she wants to divulge more time developing.

After making the decision to sell her business, Trish visited a business broker in the area and quickly found out they were looking to help themselves and not her.

She used Google to search for other business brokers and found The CBI+Team in Lowell, Arkansas. Her comments on that initial meeting were: “The moment I walked in, I was greeted and welcomed by everyone in the building. My broker, Jon Holbert, walked me thru The CBI+Team selling process of my company step by step and explained everything to me in detail and simplicity. He showed an excellent knowledge in his line of work, and followed thru with all he promised” and “that’s just something you don’t get much of these days.”

NWA Attention To Detail was then listed for sale and quickly appealed to many potential buyers because of its profitability, structure and its ability to be home based. Within a week, several buyers were lined up and made their offers. Ray and Donna Feyen were one of those several and became very interested when presented this opportunity and were eager to move thru the process. After their first meeting with Trish an offer to purchase was submitted and accepted by both buyers and seller.

Days later the deal was official completed and all parties walked away happy. Trish left our office with a lasting impression and one last comment: “I would, and already have, recommend CBI to anyone in the business field for buying or selling”.

The CBI-Team thanks all parties involved in this transaction and hopes everyone has a happier holiday because of it.