Seller’s Feedback

Former owner of Datakeeper Technologies, Laura Ruether, speaks about the experience with The CBI+Team and how operations are running after selling her business:

“THINGS ARE GREAT!  Jeff, the new owner, has strengths everywhere I had weaknesses and we get along great and video chat daily.  He has done everything he said he would do and fallen short in nothing.  He has hired a new support person and I have trained her and I am already out of the support business and just doing the training and design as I wanted.  I’m just about to go ‘part time!’  We hired and trained a new programmer and we have implemented several new processes that will ensure we are competitive for years to come.”

“I fully anticipate the new owner will do even better with revenue this year than I had projected.  We have gotten National Center to extend our agreement for several more years and are now the exclusive and only recommended product in our market.  The National Center will soon be ‘mandating’ everyone use our software and this should greatly increase our revenue.”

“Thank you for your assistance in the entire sale.  While things never go smoothly in a sale of this kind, the first offer falling apart ended up being a major blessing in disguise as those people did not have the expertise of my final buyer.”

-Laura Ruether

Thanks for the wonderful comments Laura, the CBI+Team is glad we could help and we look forward to hearing from you again.