Teaching the Pros

I just returned from the International Business Brokers Association semi-annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.
It’s where the business sales pros go to learn and share best practices. Hundreds of the very best intermediaries from across the USA and foreign nations such as China, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Israel met for a week.
It was my privilege to teach and lead a workshop entitled “The Structured Seller Interview: Or how Mayo Clinic saved my life and profoundly impacted my career as a professional business intermediary.”
Long title and for an hour and a half we discussed how helping business owners starts by examining their records and then meeting with them to ask questions to understand their individual situation and expectations.
Business sales transactions should be more like meeting your family doctor than going to a car dealership.
An excellent intermediary/broker will spend lots of time reviewing your business records and getting to know you and your business before coming up with a plan to help you.
All our CBI Team intermediaries are trained to utilize this process and it has resulted in more satisfied sellers than another process.
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