Sold! Texas Best Organic Rices

TBOR LogoTwo CBI+Team offices collaborate to ensure the transfer of ownership of Texas Best Organic Rices! J.L. Jones, Managing Partner of the CBI+Team office of Southwest Missouri and Shep Campbell, Senior Intermediary for the CBI+Team office of Central Arkansas worked together to complete the deal between the selling and buying parties of this great business. In June 2014 the family that owns Texas Best Organic Rices (TBOR), the Slacks, approached the CBI+Team to sell their business. On February 5th, 2014 the business offices exchanged ownership from the Slacks to Mr. Bob Schermer.

Shep Campbell found the buyer, Bob Schermer, when Mr. Schermer inquired on another business that CBI+Central Arkansas is representing for sale. After learning that the business wasn’t the right fit for the buyer, Shep disclosed TBOR to him. The buyer was extremely satisfied with TBOR, so with the help of Shep he created an Offer to Purchase, which was delivered to J.L. Jones and the Slack family. Shortly afterward, the Offer was agreed upon and signed by both parties. Less than 8 months the Slacks originally met with CBI+Team the business was sold and all parties were able to walk away happy.

Texas Best Organic Rices is a homegrown, 100% Certified, organic rice distribution and marketing business founded by the Slacks, a family of fifth (5th) generation rice farmers. Their products are second to none in quality, nutrition and package appearance while also being very cost competitive. This company began in 2008 as a start-up when the Slacks had a vision concerning growing, milling, packaging, and marketing the Best, 100% Certified Organic Rice from “seed to table”.

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