SOLD! Sentencing Option Specialists

(From Left to Right: Johnny and Gloria Wagner, Sellers, and Mike Brooks, Buyer.)

SOLD- Sentencing Option Specialists

After being one of the most highly inquired upon businesses that Mark Kincannon Owner/Managing Partner of the Fort Smith/River Valley office has ever listed, Sentencing option Specialists was sold to Mike Brooks.Johnny and Gloria Wagner engaged Mark Kincannon to sell their business because they were ready to retire. A customized confidential marketing program was developed and executed. Through this process Mike Brooks was introduced to the business and an agreement was made.

Mike was introduced to the Business Owners Retirement Savings Account (BORSA) program by Mark. Mike decided to use BORSA to pay for the purchase of the business.

The Wagner’s were thrilled with the service they received from the CBI Team. Mr. Wagner said he wouldn’t change a thing about the process, and noted Mark did a great job in finding the right buyer in a reasonable time frame. Mr. Wagner then asked if he could be a reference for any future potential clients.