Luigi’s Pizza & Pasta Sold By The CBI+Team!

Luigi's Pizza and Pasta

Pictured from left to right: Diego and Terea Miceli (Buyers) and Hamid Pezeshk (Seller)

Luigi’s Pizza & Pasta, a longstanding and top-notch Italian restaurant in Central Arkansas, transferred ownership from Hamid Pezeshk to Diego and Teresa Miceli thanks to the hard work from CBI+Team intermediary Kristi Patton and CBI’s Central Arkansas office. After meeting with Kristi towards the end of 2014, the CBI+Team was able to prepare the business for sale, confidentially take it to the market, qualify buyers, and sell the restaurant well below the industry’s average time.

Using CBI+Team’s confidential marketing program many buyers were attracted to Luigi’s Pizza & Pasta without even knowing the name of the business and its location. Kristi Patton worked diligently with each buyer to discover if they were a good fit for the business. In February, Diego and Teresa Miceli inquired about Luigi’s after seeing it on the Internet’s largest business for sale marketplace. Kristi scheduled a meeting between the Buyers and Seller and an immediate relationship was formed between the two parties, which made the final steps in the selling process run smoothly. Shortly afterward an offer to purchase the business and real estate was written and accepted. The business officially sold on May 20, 2015.

Luigi’s is located at 22000 Interstate 30 in Bryant, Arkansas and has been in operation since 1970. Luigi’s mission statement has been and will continue to be “To bring your dining experience to a new level by offering great food and service in a relaxing, romantic atmosphere”.

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