Sold: Lowder Orthodontics of Springdale, Arkansas!

Lowder Orthodontics Closing

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Tom Lowder (Seller) and Dr. Brittany Stroope (Buyer)

Dr. Brittany Stroope and Dr. Tom Lowder congratulated one another after completing the transfer of Dr. Lowder’s practice to Dr. Stroope. Confidential Business Intermediaries/The CBI+Team of Northwest Arkansas was the Intermediary, bringing Dr. Lowder and Dr. Stroope together. After 40 years of practice, Dr. Lowder decided to exit his practice and contacted the CBI+Team. Working together with the experienced CBI+Team, Dr. Lowder gathered the information necessary to present his practice to a pre-screened group of potential buyers utilizing the exclusive Confidential Auction Program ( developed by the CBI+Team. Utilizing this method, Dr. Lowder’s practice attracted four (4) offers in a very short time.

Dr. Lowder chose Dr. Stroope as the successful bidder and the transaction closed Friday, December 5th, at the CBI+Team office in Springdale, Arkansas with the closing being conducted by the offices of Stephen Parker, attorney at law.

Casey Grimes, Senior Intermediary for The CBI+Team worked with Dr. Stroope and helped her write her offer and assisted helping her in finding a lender to fund the purchase. Casey has worked extensively with both Sellers and Buyers of dental related businesses, which has allowed him to form great relationships with those in the profession. When Lowder Orthodontics became available for sale, Casey was able to contact these individuals to see if they were interested in the practice. Casey had been working with Dr. Stroope and she was in the market to acquire her own practice and Dr. Lowder’s practice seemed to fit exactly what she was looking for. As soon as the Confidential Auction Program CDR (Confidential Deal Room) opened and Dr. Stroope and her financial advisors were able to view the confidential information, an offer was written and a personal meeting was arranged between Dr. Lowder and Dr. Stroope.

The CBI+Team successfully sold several dental related practices in the past two years and currently has several more great practices for sale. If you’re interested in learning more information about the current practices for sale or how The CBI+Team can help you sell your practice, contact us today at or (877) 582-5200.