Sold! GQ Inspection Service in Central Arkansas!

GQ Inspection Service Sold By The CBI+Team

Pictured from left to right: Dennis Evans (Buyer) and Greg Quinney (Seller)

After recently celebrating its 35th year in business, GQ Inspection Service transferred ownership from Greg Quinney to Dennis Evans. Thanks to the hard work of Andrew Graham and the rest of the CBI+Team in Central Arkansas, GQ Inspection Service was sold on September 3rd, 2014. Andrew Graham, Business Intermediary for the CBI+Team, approached Greg Quinney in late March about how the CBI+Team can help him sell his business. Mr Quinney was impressed with Andrew’s presentation and agreed to partner with the CBI+Team in Central Arkansas to sell his business.

The Buyer, Dennis Evans was discovered through one of the websites used by the CBI+Team to confidentially advertise businesses. Andrew then met with Dennis to coach him through the buying process and shortly afterward a meeting was scheduled with the Seller. An immediate relationship was formed when the Buyer and Seller met. After that initial meeting, Dennis signed an agreement to purchase and several days later GQ Inspection Service transferred ownership.

GQ Inspection Service opened in 1978 and since then has become a pioneer in the home inspection industry as well as a household name in the Little Rock, Hot Springs and surrounding areas. GQ has worked hard over the past several decades to build a reputation for having the most experienced, reliable and friendly inspectors on staff. Its owner, Greg Quinney, was appointed to the Arkansas Home Inspection Board by two Governors and is one of the founders of the Arkansas Association of Real Estate Inspectors or AAREI.

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