SOLD-CBI TEAM sells Sheridan dental practice

Dr. Swilling (Seller) shakes hands with Casey Grimes after closing on the sale of her practice.

Dr. Stacy Swilling has sold Swilling Family Dental practice to Dr. Chad Matone. Dr. Swilling will work with Dr. Matone and his team for a period of time to assure a smooth transition.

Confidential Business Intermediaries/The CBI TEAM served as intermediary in the transaction according to CBI Chairman Carl E. Grimes.

Casey Grimes was the Intermediary and represented Dr. Swilling through the preparation and sale of the 16 year old practice and the real estate.

The practice was listed for sale in January 2017 and the closing took place in June 2017.

Diamond Bank of Hot Springs was lender for Dr. Matone.

Casey Grimes has sold double digit dental and orthodontic practices in Arkansas over the last three years and has built a large database of practice buyers in addition to working with lending groups who want to make practice loans.

Casey can be reached at 479-770-8989 or by email at