SOLD! Barker Family Dentistry in Central Arkansas

SOLD! Barker Family Dentistry

Thanks to Casey Grimes and the CBI+Team, Barker Family Dentistry sold on April 1st. Dr. Barker owned and operated Barker Family Dentistry in Brinkley, Arkansas. It will remain one of the largest and most successful dental offices in the area.

Casey, Senior Intermediary for the CBI+Team, has sold 4 dental and orthodontic practices in the past year and used his network of dental practice buyers to find the right match for Barker Family Dentistry.

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SOLD! Barker Family Dentistry

Casey Grimes (left) and Dr. Joseph Barker (right) shake hands after Barker Family Dentistry was sold. Casey and Dr. Barker formed a great relationship during the sale of Dr. Barker’s practice.