Sold Altitude Trampoline


The CBI TEAM of Central Arkansas is proud to announce the sale of Altitude Trampoline Park of Little Rock to Mark and Deb McFatrdige.  

The CBI TEAM was approached by Craig Noel, the local Altitude Trampoline owner and a member of the franchisor for Altitude, about representing their company in selling locations throughout the United States.  Having successfully introduced multiple buyers to the opportunity, the time came for Craig to sell his wildly successful location in West Little Rock.  

Senior Intermediary Shep Campbell and CBI Central Arkansas office owner Connor Grimes worked together in listing and selling the business.  Within twelve hours of signing the engagement agreement the Central Arkansas CBI TEAM delivered  a full price offer from Mr. and Mrs. McFatridge to Craig Noel.  

Mark McFatridge is the former CEO of Bear State Bank who recently retired from banking.  He and his wife Deb were interested in finding a business to buy that produced good cash flow and would be enjoyable to own.  Altitude Trampoline was the right business for them.

The seller and buyer were introduced the very same day that the business was listed and the two immediately hit it off, developing goodwill between them from the start, ultimately leading to the transfer of ownership of the Little Rock trampoline park.

Altitude Trampoline is a franchise based out of Texas.  Founded in 2012, they have quickly become the fastest selling trampoline park in the world with parks on three different continents and cities around the globe.  To learn more, contact the CBI TEAM today.