ScamBots searching for you and your business

If you’re a business owner then your phone probably rings dozens of times each day and it must be answered. After all, it might be a million dollar order.
Odds are increasing that the “person” on the other end of the line is a robot voice dialer.
Cell phones used to be immune from most bot-dials but not anymore. They have somehow gotten into the cell phone database and are dialing with impunity.
Odds are that if you answer, the “person” on the line will have a foreign accent and will be trying to get into your pocketbook, either legitimately or illegitimately.
Beware, scams are on the upswing and they are trying to take advantage of the good nature and customer service tendencies of American business owners.
Here are a few techniques I use to protect myself from scammers and time wasters.
+Always have caller ID on your phone
+Always have voicemail and keep the mailbox available for callers
+Keep your contact address book updated with all your customers phone numbers and names
+Check to see if the number dialing you is in your contacts.
+If you recognize it, answer it
+If not, let it go to voicemail and then screen the voicemail to determine if it’s a call you need to return
+If you’re not sure about the number, “Google” it and reverse look up to determine if the number is being used and abused by bot-dialers
One of my pet peeves are dialers who leave their name but not that of their company nor the purpose of their call.
They will NOT get a return call from me. Common business courtesy requires that we let the folks we’re calling know who we are, our company and the reason for the call.
Telephones, cell and landlines, are our primary source to reach important contacts and scammers know it so guard the door, your phone.