Sad Demise…sort of!

How do we save Main Street USA businesses?

That’s a question every business owner, Mayor, School Superintendent, County Judge, Governor…ought to be asking every day. 


Because losing Main Street businesses costs everyone but especially those businesses that have a long history in communities such as Nashville, Arkansas, Fort Smith, Arkansas and other communities across Arkansas and the entire USA.

When a Main Street business closes its doors it is also stops paying employees who spend money in the local economy. It also means that the business stops paying taxes which support the city, county, state and federal governments.

Schools are especially hard hit as the local businesses generally are supporters of the schools and athletic programs. 

What can we do? How can we save those businesses and our communities?

One option is to sell the business and not just shut it down.

If you are a business owner or if you know a business owner who has reached retirement age then call us at 877-582-5200 and let us help determine if the business can be sold rather than just shut down.

We had a business owner in Springfield, Missouri who was going to close his business, just shut the doors and walk away.

Fortunately for him one of our CBI TEAM Intermediaries called and set an appointment to talk about the “saleability” of the business.

Less than 3 months later we sold the business and the new owner continues to run it successfully and the former owner got $180,000. That’s right, $180,000 and he was going to walk away with nothing.

Call today.