TAP Benefits

TAP Benefits for you, the Buyer

The Target Acquisition Program (TAP) gives YOU, the buyer, important advantages to achieve the American Dream of owning your own business:

Marketing Intensity: direct mail letters and personal phone calls by your intermediary are made to your target acquisition market – business owners that meet YOUR criteria.  No stone is left unturned!

Time Frame: CBI+ Team knows that time is of the essence.  Our goal is to expedite a purchase in the shortest time possible.

Buyer Education & Coaching: Accountable, reliable, and responsible training to move your project to completion.  We will teach you HOW to buy a business!

Motivated Sellers: Sellers call you or us indicating real motivation.

Business Information: TAP requires sellers to produce information that you need to make a good, sound decision.

Valuation: TAP encourages sellers to have an independent, certified, third-party business appraisal done to set a reasonable purchase price for the business you want to acquire.

Professional Management:  You receive the dedication of professional intermediaries who have proven their ability to locate prospects and close sales.  Intermediaries who can follow your instructions and lead you to your American Dream.

We Negotiate For You – The Buyer! We are your trusted advisors at all times to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the acquisition process.

Reduced Commission: We discount our commissions if you ultimately acquire a business to save you money in the process.

What is required from you?  A commitment to work with CBI+ Team to find the best opportunity for you.  Your intermediary will contact you at least weekly to discuss the progress of your TAP.

“TAP-Because the business you want to buy isn’t for sale:” CBI+ Team can locate businesses that may not be for sale on the open market and inquire with owners who may not have considered selling their businesses, but may consider doing so if they know that you are interested.