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Niche Healthcare Business Acquisition Opportunity

Healthcare business for sale, add-on or standalone. Developed and occupies niche with little competition and growing to $10 Million + 2016 revenues.

1st Time offering-built to sell

For access to complete due diligence information, please read the NDA below and enter your email in the box provided. This will act as an electronic signature for the NDA. Once your signature has been received you will be forwarded a user name and password to the Confidential Deal Room.


Confidential Business Intermediaries,The CBI Team has been engaged by Company (Seller/Business Owner) to represent the sale of a Healthcare-related business. Our agreement with Company requires us to obtain a Non‑Disclosure Agreement.  Information disclosed by you, a prospective buyer, will be kept confidential, unless and until such time as an offer is made by you on this business.

IN CONSIDERATION FOR information on Company offered for sale by CBI+Team, I/We  (referred to herein as “Buyer”, together with CBI+Team and Company (Seller), collectively referred to herein as the “Parties”) understand and agree as follows:

  1.  Information provided on business by CBI+Team is sensitive and confidential and its disclosure to others would be damaging to the businesses and to CBI+Team’s fiduciary relationship with Company.
  2.  I will not disclose any Information regarding Company to any other person who has not also signed and dated this Agreement except to secure their advice and counsel, in which case I agree to obtain their consent to maintain such confidentiality.  “Information” shall include the fact that Company is for sale plus other data pertinent to the contemplated sale of Company.  The term information does not include any information that is or becomes generally available to the public or is already in my possession.  All information provided to review the business will be returned to CBI+Team without retaining copies, summaries, analyses or extracts thereof in the event the review is terminated;
  3.  I will not contact Company, Company’s  employees, suppliers, or customers except through CBI+Team.  I will not use the confidential information I receive through this process to establish a competitive advantage over Company;
  4.  All Information is provided by Company and is not verified in any way by CBI+Team; CBI+Team is relying on Company for the accuracy and completeness of said information, has no knowledge of the accuracy of said information and makes no warranty, express or implied, as to such information.  Prior to finalizing an agreement to purchase Company, it is my responsibility to make an independent verification of all information.  I agree that CBI+Team is not responsible for the accuracy of any Information I receive and I agree to indemnify and hold CBI+Team harmless from any claims or damages resulting from its use.  I will look only to Company and to my own investigation for all information regarding Company;
  5.  CBI+Team does not give tax, accounting, or legal advice;

6.  All correspondence, inquiries, offers to purchase, and negotiations relating to the purchase of Company presented to me, or companies I represent, will be conducted exclusively through                    CBI+Team

  1.  All claims, disputes, and controversies arising out of or in relation to the performance, interpretation, application or enforcement of this Agreement, including but not limited to breach thereof, shall be referred to mediation before, and as a condition precedent to the initiation of any adjudicative action or proceeding, including arbitration. All mediation shall be held in  Fayetteville, Arkansas, except as mutually agreed otherwise by the parties.  In the event of any dispute between CBI Team Business Advisors Inc or Buyer under this Agreement which is not settled under mediation as described above, the parties agree to submit the matter to arbitration in accordance with applicable rules of the American Arbitration Association.  Each party shall choose a single arbitrator and the two so chosen shall choose a third arbitrator. The arbitrator will be agreed upon by the parties, and if the parties cannot agree, then the arbitrator shall be chosen by ADR, Inc. of Arkansas. The arbitration cost shall be split equally between the parties unless the arbitrator decides to charge one party with all the costs.  The decision of the arbitrators shall be final and conclusive and the right to appeal is hereby waived.

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For more information contact Carl Grimes of Confidential Business Intermediaries/The CBI+Team today at (479) 770-8989 or