MarketPlace Video


Video Table of Contents:


  1. Time Stamp 00:21- Tell us about the origins of Marketplace and where it is today
  2. Time Stamp 03:50- Why are you selling?
  3. Time Stamp 05:10- What sets you apart from other dining establishments both nationally and regionally and why are you trending up when most are trending down?
  4. Time Stamp 07:19- Describe the real estate of the business and why do you think it’s strategically important for each location.
  5. Time Stamp 09:09- What could a buyer do to grow the business with a 5-year plan?
  6. Time Stamp 12:03- What are you doing to enhance the branding of the business?
  7. Time Stamp 15:21- Why are we working off of Profit & Loss Statements instead of tax returns?
  8. Time Stamp 16:17- Is your management staff willing to stay on and how will you help a buyer with the transition?
  9. Time Stamp 18:38- Who is the core guest? What is the restaurant’s value proposition and how compelling is it to guests?
  10. Time Stamp 21:29- Is the concept unique?