Major Marketing and Consulting Firm With International Clients Sold During The Christmas Holiday!

The CBI+Team finalized a large-scale transaction selling a well known and prominent marketing and consulting firm on December 31, 2012. Founded over a decade ago, this marketing and consulting firm has built an international client list including Fortune 500 companies operating in the retail, restaurant, service, banking, medical, non-profit and professional services industries. The CBI+Team was chosen by the seller to become the company’s intermediary because of its proven reputation, dedication to clients and innovative marketing techniques. An out-of-state buyer was discovered by CBI’s professional networking and a great relationship was formed after the initial meeting to introduce the seller to the buyer. The CBI+Team made sure to finalize this transaction during the Christmas break because of several tax rate adjustments that would go into effect beginning in 2013.

CBI+Team owner Carl Grimes and associate David Proffitt were the intermediaries on this transaction. Carl Grimes’ expertise in dealing with Private Equity investors proved invaluable in handling the buy-side of the transaction while David Proffitt’s marketing tactics and interpersonal skills captured the attention of the seller. Cooperating with the Seller’s accountant and attorney and the Buyer’s accountant and attorney, The CBI+Team worked diligently to complete the structure and terms of this deal.

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