Local, Successful Start-Up Sold By The CBI+Team

Hidden House

Hidden House

Burt Box (buyer) and Duane Scoggins (seller) complete their deal by exchanging a key and handshake.

With the help of The CBI+Team, Hidden House Products sold from one Arkansas resident to another.

Hidden House Products (HPP) began in Springdale, Arkansas during 2003 when Duane Scoggins saw a need for quality, leather-bound heirloom Bibles. Using exotic leathers such as ostrich, elephant, lamb and alligator skin he made one-of-a-kind products exclusive to Hidden House. In 2007, Duane assumed responsibility for his family’s insurance agency and has had very little time to devote to this business. HHP continued to perform well, however, and has incredible potential for an owner who is able to focus on marketing and sales.

After speaking with CBI+Team Senior Intermediary Jon Holbert in early 2012, Duane began plans to sell his company. Jon was able to guide him through the listing process and started finding several interested buyers immediately. David Proffitt, another intermediary for The CBI+Team, disclosed HHP to Burt Box and his team at Milver Investment Company. Soon after, both parties were able to meet and discuss more details about the transaction.

On November 19th the paperwork was completed and the business was transferred to Milver Investments, LLC. After the sale Burt Box had the following statement: “Milver Investments is looking forward to using its partnership with marketing firm Livewire Strategic Marketing to build on the solid foundation that Duane has established.”

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