Loans4Biz Produces Again!

The Confidential Business Intermediaries proprietary L4B ( program recently hit a home run again for a seller and buyer. The buyer of the business had negotiated to buy a business for $1,450,000. The seller agreed and as part of the deal the buyer wanted to put cash down of about $185,000 and the seller was being asked to carry back $275,000 of the purchase price in a second position behind a lender/bank.The buyer utilized the L4B program and in less than 5 business days received SIXTEEN (16) proposals from banks and lenders across the USA who wanted to do the deal.

With help from CBI Team members the buyer narrowed the list down to 4 proposals and began discussions with them and was then able to focus on the final lender who was able to structure the deal in such a way that the seller note was reduced to $175,000 and the buyer’s cash downpayment stayed the same.

The seller is getting paid more cash at closing because of L4B.

No other business brokerage firm has a program such as L4B which is designed for business sellers and buyers. Another CBI Team advantage.

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