Keeping jobs and family entertainment here in Arkansas!

The Fort Smith/River Valley office of The CBI+Team brokered the exchange of ownership for Midland Bowl, the oldest bowling center in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Dawayne Murdock, intermediary for The CBI+Team, handled the negotiations and finalized the transaction between Benefit Bank of Fort Smith and principal Andy Bartholomy. Owner of Bartholomy Bowling Centers, Mr. Bartholomy operates over half a dozen bowling centers in Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and now Arkansas.

Midland Bowl

Dawayne Murdock and Andy Bartholomy finalizing the transaction.

Midland Bowl, open since the 1970’s, has been on the verge of closing its doors to the public and to the 25 employees working there. Andy Bartholomy stepped in and made sure that wasn’t going to happen. He’s looking forward to rejuvenating Midland Bowl with his expertise in the family entertainment industry.

Along with Dawayne Murdock, the CBI+Team office in Fort Smith helped complete this sale. Other offices are also located in Lowell, Arkansas; Duluth, Minnesota; Springfield, Missouri; and Joplin, Missouri. Carl Grimes founded the Confidential Business Intermediary Team and its mission statement, “to help people confidentially sell and buy businesses to secure their financial future.”

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