Hugh Hyde

Hugh HydeHugh Hyde

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Hugh serves as President of CBI+ Advisory Partners after 29 years with Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co. (KPMG) specializing in M&A strategies and execution on behalf of the firm’s domestic and multinational clients. Upon retirement, Hugh became a bank president for two years until the bank was sold and he then spent 14 years as a partner in an a southwest regional investment banking firm. During his accounting career, Hugh served clients in the Little Rock office in a variety of industries, including some private witness work for law firms, initial audits for companies with IPO filings, drafting audit methodologies for Medicaid purposes and developed a bank practice. After his transfer to the Houston office, he became partner in charge of the Southwest region bank practice.

Hugh also served seven years as Partner on a publicly held bank holding company during a period that it acquired fifty banks for consolidation.

As a result of the financial troubles suffered by southwest region banks, Hugh developed skills in the area of business consulting for restructuring troubled financial institutions. Hugh’s work with troubled companies and consolidation in the financial industry enabled him to become involved with numerous merger and acquisition assignments and to participate in developing the concept of special purpose entities (“spin-out banks”) for dealing in distressed assets. He worked very closely in Washington with the office of the Comptroller of Currency and with the FDIC in designing these entities. He was also a Partner on a major FDIC engagement.

In November, 1995, Hugh joined with two partners in the formation of Gulf Capital Partners, Inc. “GulfCap,” a Houston based investment banking company that specializes in financial and strategic advisory services for middle market companies, both public and private.

In 2009, Hugh and Mrs. Hyde moved their residence to their second home on Lake Norfork in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Hugh has since decided that full retirement is not appropriate for him. In April, 2013 they sold the lake house and moved to Fayetteville for him to be active in Northwest Arkansas. Hugh continues to provide CBI+ Advisory Partners’ clients with his extensive experience with activities in strategic mergers, acquisitions and corporate finance.