How do you sell a secret?

A very successful, very savvy real estate company owner once asked the question,” How do you sell a secret?” He knew that business sales require a high level of confidentiality but, like all real estate professionals, he couldn’t figure out how to market something without putting a sign in front of the business saying “FOR SALE.”

He knew that general knowledge of his intent to sell the business could cause great economic damage to the business value:

  • Employees find out and look for other jobs or become more difficult to manage
  • Customers seek other business relationships
  • Vendors and bankers become more skeptical about their relationship with you and your business

As a business owner you must be concerned about how your business is marketed.

The CBI+Team has perfected methods of confidentially marketing your business to the local, regional, state, national and international business buyer community.

All of the confidential methods used by The CBI+Team are designed to attract the largest number of prospective buyers to look at your business.

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