Dental Practice Sold by The CBI+Team

Dr. Fitz Closing

Pictured from left to right:
Dr. Paul Fitzgerald, Dr. Chad Matone, Penny Fitzgerald and Dr. Monty Heathman

After practicing dentistry for over 50 years, Dr. Paul Fitzgerald D.D.S. transferred ownership of his business through CBI+Team and has retired. In early October, 2012

Dr. Fitgerald chose to use The CBI+Team to sell the office he owned and operated in Sheridan, Arkansas since 1975.

Casey Grimes, Senior Intermediary for The CBI+Team, helped Dr. Fitzgerald prepare his business sale and also identified the new owner, Dr. Monty Heathman D.D.S., through CBI+Team’s marketing efforts. Casey’s enthuastic efforts to structure an acceptable offer was instrumental in completing this deal, which was finalized on March 8, 2013.

Not only were great relationships formed between the buyer and seller, but also with The CBI+Team. Both parties gave tremendous recommendations for the work done by Casey Grimes and the rest of The CBI+Team. An interview with Dr. Paul and Penny Fitzgerald can be found below:

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